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Affordable Detailing Make your car shine

Affordable Detailing in lexington

Affordable Detailing in Lexington helps you save thousands of dollars by cleaning your automobiles at affordable price ever. Whether it is a car, boat or your commercial fleets like trucks and other heavy vehicles; we clean them all. We remove the dents, scratches and scuffs of your vehicles at an affordable price. If there is a dearth of time, leave your vehicles to us, or you just have to call us for vehicles washing. At Lexington detailing, every single customer gets best service as well as saves money. We know you are what your car is. We do both on site and off site washing, so that you can adjust yourself to limited time that you have taken out. Our major services are:
Exterior detailing and hand wax $99 (most cars)
Boat detailing starts at $250
Interior shampoo and detail $99 (most cars)
Automobile Detailing – Car car waxing in lexingtonlexington cars waxing and Detailing
Automobile Detailing – Boats Lexington boat washing and waxing


Automobile Detailing – Commercial Fleets lexington cars waxingAffordable detailing in Lexington


Our detail protection package is designed to keep your auto in the same condition as when you purchased it. Contact us for more information.


Car Detailing Starting –


lexington car waxing lexington car waxing Lexington Car Detailing Premium• Full shampoo wash (inc. leather seats)

  • • Acid treatment and polishing of wheels
  • • Cleaning vent work and spare tire areas
  • • Steam clean door and trunk jams
  • • Removing minor scuffs and scratches
  • •Complete exterior hand waxing